Dialogue with Mr. Hassan Ali Ghazali. Coordinator general of young African Office in the ministry of Youth and Sports, the Arab Republic of Egypt

Dialogue with Mr. Hassan Ali Ghazali. Coordinator general of young African Office in the ministry of Youth and Sports, the Arab Republic of Egypt

Afrabea prize gives youth a chance of International Presence

Optimistic for the future of relations between Sudan and Egypt, they represent one people in two countries.

Afrabea prize organized by the AAYC formed a new and strong convergence point among the young Arab and African (colors) it met on the sidelines of the prize with Mr. Hassan Ali Ghazali. Coordinator general of young African Office in the ministry of Youth and Sports, the Arab Republic of Egypt to learn about Egypt’s participation in this event and the role of Egypt toward youth of the black continent.

Dialogue: Mr. Moataz Barakat
we want to identify the type and form of the participation of Egypt in Afrabea prize?
I thank the Sudan our sister country for the warm reception and this is the usual thing, Egypt will participate with three delegates and two initiatives first initiative is an office for African youth, second initiative of the African Women’s Club, Youth Club of Africa is an initiative has submitted in 2011 to several Egyptian institutions in 2013 it has been selected by the Ministry of Youth and Sports for adoption, young African office is a body or a coordination framework for the development of relations with African countries by young people and represent Egypt in the international and regional institutions.

What are the most important activities carried out by the African Youth Office of the Republic of Egypt?

We are doing many activities in Egypt, especially cultural works and volunteer activities conducted through the idea of integration of African students in Egyptian society since 2014 we started under the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the continuing activities of the central follow-up within the Ministry of Youth, Sports and implement regional forums and the last Forum was a meeting place youth Nile Basin countries which participated when Sudan is a large delegation from the Ministry of Youth and Sudanese also sports also participated delegation from the National Union of Sudanese Youth and such a delegation represented by Mr. Awad Hassan Ibrahim, Secretary General of the AAYC. Also we arranged a visit to the African youth of the Suez Canal, the national project that Egypt waits a lot from it. There is also a form of activities we oversee them and we are doing, it is the idea of simulation model of the African Union and it is implemented with Cairo University to develop awareness of the issues of the African continent for students.

Tell us about the idea and philosophy of the African Women’s Club?
Women’s Club African founded by Dr. Amna Fazzaa, She is with us now in the delegation. It was been chosen as the initiative based on the content initiative and based on the personality of Dr. Amna, the general representative of the African University, one of the Egyptian national institutions that were included Mandela, Nairi and Nkrumah, pioneers of independence of the Africa. The women Club framework is to activate the role of African women in Egyptian society also represented more than 18 nationalities from African countries. It makes activities and courses for the training of cadres for African students in Egypt.

What is your role in addressing youth issues?
I think these meetings are very important because they provide an opportunity for youth leaders, African and Arab be in the future a decision-makers so these forums allow the young man the opportunity to learn and discuss the insights and ideas in the framework of the Arab world and the African nation and I think that Afrabea prize gives youth an opportunity of international presence when the Activity available to me an opportunity to introduce my work in an international forum featuring Arab and African countries, I think it creates a more coherent and conscious in light of the global forces that are trying to break down our societies.

Do not you think that the role of the Egyptian youth towards the African depth has been delayed too much?
This accusation is not true, any person observes the activities carried out by Egypt ignored the young people know that Egypt at the height of crises believes that the youth activities in Egypt did not stop, Proof of this is at the level of the Nile Basin countries was implemented three forums this only at the level of the Nile Egypt Basin countries member of the Union African youth who is based in Sudan was a renewal in a fierce election this confirms the role of Egypt in the African continent and this is always confirmed by youth leaders in Sudan.

Through your position in the Ministry of Youth in Egypt Do you expect more of the communication between the young people of Egypt and Sudan?
Of course, of course, on 19, Egyptian youth delegation will come and there will be a parliamentary delegation and there are many initiatives in this regard and I am optimistic for the future of relations between the two brotherly countries, they represent one people in two countries.