Sudan and South Sudan won almost uniformly awards The Afro-Arab Youth council announces names of the Afrabia award winners.

Sudan and South Sudan won almost uniformly awards The Afro-Arab Youth council announces names of the Afrabia award winners.


Sudan Minster of Youth and sport Haider Jalcooma and Chairman of the
Board of Trustees of afrabia award of the Afro-Arab Youth council has
Said that :that the award achieved its aims to be a bridge of communication between the Arab and
African worlds, said at a news conference held at the council headquarters in Khartoum announce the winners of Afrabia award in its first version this been successfully recognized and caused a shift major
and evolved in the second edition and promised to be the third version in coming award.

More distinct the minister reiterated his commitment to the bond
Necessary to make it work, noting they would come to Sudan and live in
Ideal conditions after the conclusion of the national dialogue
conference calling on young people to join a private award in a given its programs and this are aimed to renounce war and extremism and fight against drugsin meantimes spread love and values and development co-existence said the minster where in december will be a Youth cultural event with great honor to honestly be Under his auspices Let.Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh first vice president of Sudan and the presence of UN representatives and the Arab League and the
African Union for cultural Institute of the Arab African. For his part, Culture state minister Syed Harun praised the Afro Arab Council’s efforts to continue the cultural relations between the peoples and praised the Council’s success in organizing the accompanying program of the award, which was the effectiveness of the Forum Khartoum Hair and Art Exhibition II for young artists and stressed the attention of the ministry prize and standing beside the young creators.

The secretary general of the Council Dr. Awad Hassan said : Afrabia award opened its doors to race for two months from August to October, the four Itineraries, and number of participating prize where reaches (17) countries : Sudan , South Sudan, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine, Chad and Tunisia and Zimbabwe, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Mauritania has participated in the short story contest (68) participants in the poetry(61) participants in Art (74) participants in music (11) participants.

And, for the field of poetry was the first winner is Muhammad Abdullah Abdulbari from Sudan ,the second winner is AIAS Jiead Zuid Thamer from Iraq and the in story first winner Whoever wins is Mohammed Tijani Tahir Abbas from Sudan and the winner of the second Abeer Kamal Abbas Mohammed from Sudan and in Fine Arts Whoever wins the first Maher Mohamed Ahmed Mohammed from Sudan and the second winner is Mujahid Mohammed as the apostle of the Sudan and the field of singing and music first winner is Isabela Abnossa Juma from south Sudan and the second winner is Balli William and Hassan Mathew from South Sudan where first winner will be given 3000 US dollars in addition 1000 US dollars to the second winner ,also where will be published the 10 most best one from

Juries award included a group of experts and owners of experiments in the fields of literature and the arts from Sudan and the Arab and African countries, the panel leded by, Dr. Abdul Latif Obaid Assistant Secretary-General of Arab States League and the president of Tunisia center and chose winners in poetry field along with Dr. Siddiq Omar Siddiq director of the Institute of Professor Abdul Al-Taib of Arabic language and the Director of the House of poetry and supervised the jury the story Mrs. Hala Fahmy, chairperson of the story Division, novels, travel literature the Federation of Egyptian writers and head of the cultural section of the Almisa Egyptian newspaper along with secretary general of the Sudanese Club story Ahmed Awad participated in a jury of music Dr. Mohammed Saif Prime professions Union musical and Dr. Dirdiri Ahmed Sheikh participate in jury art artist and Dr. Hussain Jamaan and artist Dr. Abubakar Hadi Dean of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Sudan.