Second Executive Committee Meeting

At its second meeting in Khartoum

Executive Committee of the AAYC declare their support for national dialogue

Arab and African Youth Council declared its support for national dialogue in Khartoum and call on all parties to attend and join the dialogue for peace and sustainable development in the region. It was at the second meeting of the Executive Committee of the Council in Khartoum with the participation of fourteen Arab and African countries and observers from Egypt and Eritrea. The Secretary-General Council, Awad Hassan, present the year report of 2015 and the year plan 2016 of the Council. It has also been listening to the reports of the various coordinating bodies of the Council. The meeting discussed the importance of strengthening partnerships and international and regional organizations to set up activities for youth in remote areas and areas of conflicts, the meeting adopted the creation of a permanent committee for Afrabea prize and insurance to set it up annually in December in Khartoum. The meeting also adopted Mr. Philip Lawrence as representative of South Sudan and Vice President for the English group an instead of Mr. Menot Malewel according to the letter addressed to the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in South Sudan country. A committee has been configured regarding the hosting of the Arab and African youth Festival provided by Eritrea and Lebanon.