Culture Minister pledges to sponsor Afrabea prize

Culture Minister, Tayeb Hassan Badawi, pledged to sponsor the Plastic Art prize, one of Afrabea prizes organized by the AAYC for creative youth, stressing that the ministry sponsor for this kind of art that is considered attempt gratitude and thanked from us to Allah, who gave us the large universe painting and spacious. He said When The opening of Fine artists young participants in the exhibition on Saturday at Grand Holliday Villa Hotel “ We want an active youth looks toward future with optimism, calling for the promotion of economic partnership between Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt to create more opportunities for youth (male and female) in this brother countries.
He welcomed Arab and African delegations participating and said that Saudi Arabia is the direction of the nation and said that Qatar missed an opportunity to the enemies of Sudan who wanted to make the Darfur holocaust by dividing Arabs and non Arabs, Qatar foiled this plan, which was intended to disrupt the social fabric, noting that the participation of Sudanese youth in a Storm of firmness system ,strengthen cultural values of Arab and African in Darfur, praising the position of African Union rejecting the criminal Court and noted that he doesn’t want anyone who comes to Sudan to feel as a strange . He announced that the people and leadership are welcoming all participating countries at the event.